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I am a Fractional CFO serving professional services industries.

Take control of cash, increase your profit and achieve your goals.

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Dear Business Leader, 

I understand: Growing a business is hard but staying in business is harder. 

And no matter how big your business is becoming, you still have the same problems: 

  • Worrying that you won’t have enough cash to make payroll this week;
  • Keeping your team happy so they don’t leave you (Let them skateboard around the warehouse? Bring their pet rabbit to the office?) 
  • Arguing with your business partner about Cyber-security - New regulations - Digital advertising - Recruiting new people
  • What to do?  When to do it? How much will it cost? 

***What opportunities are slipping through your fingers?***

Look, most entrepreneurs know they need cash flow forecasts, profit forecasts and balance sheet forecasts to turn their strategic vision into concrete steps they can take today

Maybe you already have an external accountant.  But they are probably way too busy to build a cash flow forecast with the care and skill it needs.

Even then, how many hours and $$$ will it take?

Who is going to take the time to walk you through the figures?

And devote time every month to helping you think through how to solve the issues that are important to you?

How are you going to carve out some time in your schedule to actually think through the milestones to get you where you want to go? 

Who is going to update these plans every month?

You're reading this because in some way, shape or form, your business isn't where you want it to be.

Or maybe you simply want more.

Monthly Subscription

One predictable fee covers:

  • the monthly meeting where we work on the health and forward-planning of your business/businesses.
  • Financial tools and support to get you closer to your long-term goals.

Money back guarantee & no lock-in contract

If you feel  you just aren't getting the value out of my services, I will return your fee.