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My Annual Leave Hell

My clients love their employees.  Their employees love working for them so much, they hardly ever take holidays... So when it's time for those employees to leave the company, my clients have to pay out their entitlements, including unused holiday leave.  And that figure can be huge. Some...

How is that Cash Burn Rate of yours?

Investopedia defines the Cash Burn Rate as "The rate at which a new company uses up its venture capital to finance overhead before generating positive cash flows from operations.  In other words, it is a measure of negative cash flow." But established businesses who are planning change should...

How to get extra value from your Bookkeeper

Checking the Superannuation Payable account A little terminology first... A Balance Sheet (also known as Statement of Financial Position), comprises Assets (what you own), less Liabilities (what you owe) to give a Net Assets figure.  The Net Assets represent Owners Equity, or what's left over for the owners...

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